The foundation of any great service company is experience! We have the experience to help ensure your property operates efficiently and profitably!

Bert Reitter - President, Senior Consultant
Bert has been dedicated to professional property management since 1967. He brings extensive and successful experience to his role. Bert specializes in project analysis, property tax appeal and real estate consulting.

* General Manager of Real Estate Administration, Farlinger Developments - 1967
* Founder, Park Property Management - 1975
* Partner, Highmark Properties - 1979
* President, Tandem Realty Corporation - 1987
* Director, Fair Rental Policy Organization of Ontario - 1991
* President, Reitter Management Corporation - 1994-Present

Lianne Reitter - Partner, Vice President & Director of Finance
Lianne has been dedicated to professional property management since 1987. She spent 10 years as a property manager, earning valuable hands-on experience in a variety of roles. She is highly trained in both bookkeeping, accounting, best practices and the latest management software and reporting systems. Lianne specializes in office management, project/property financial management and budgeting.

* Property Manager, Tandem Realty - 1987
* Senior Property Manager, Reitter Management - 1995
* Vice President, Reitter Management - 1999
* VP & CFO, Reitter Management - 2006-Present

Howard Carson - Partner, Senior Property Manager
Howard began managing properties in 1975 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He has extensive experience in project management, customer relationship management, IS/IT and planning. Howard specializes in portfolio management, project management, infrastructure planning and staffing.

* Administrator, H.E.B. Property Investments - 1972-1974
* Property Manager, H.E.B. Property Investments - 1974-1979
* President, ABC Solutions - 1979-1992
* Director of Product Creative Services, MGI Software - 1996-2001
* Senior Property Manager, Reitter Management - 2001-Present

Nick Sawrantschuk, C.A. - Accountant Associate

* Nick is Reitter Management's chartered accountant and provides day-to-day services as needed for all of our client portfolios. Nick is also the senior partner at Sievert & Sawrantschuk LLP, a prominent Toronto accounting firm. He's been looking after Reitter Management's accounting needs for many years.

Rosemary Carson-Rees, CPM - Property Manager, Kitchener-Waterloo Office

* Rosemary joined Reitter Management in 2004, after a successful tenure at TransGlobe International. She is a residential management specialist and also manages our satellite office in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Davd Strashin, LL.B. - Legal Counsel

* Mr. Strashin is retained as permanent counsel on all matters related to the Residential Tenancies Act of Ontario. He is a specialist in landlord-tenant relations who has practiced successfully in Toronto for over 25 years. David attends to all matters in legal dispute in all of the jurisdictions in which we manage residential properties on Ontario. David acts as counsel in both privately mediated matters or in matters brought before the Residential Tenancy Board on Ontario. He has advised Reitter Management for 16 years.

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