RMC provides a full range of Consulting Services

General Consulting Services
For your revenue producing real estate, we provide all-inclusive management or specific consulting services. For example: do you want to reduce your energy costs? Let us analyze your project and suggest, and on request, implement ways to reduce the consumption of gas, electricity and water.

Small Landlord Consulting
Owners of Duplex, Triplex, Sixplex and other small, revenue producing properties can take advantage of our experience. We can provide valuable guidance for a variety of fundamental processes.

Finding The Right Trade
We can provide reliable contacts and professional advice about selecting Trades, including: Electrical, Plumbing, Pipefitting, Boiler, HVAC, Carpentry, Flooring, Appliances, General Repairs, Cleaning and Maintenance, Landscape and Exterior Maintenance, Roofing, Inspections, Structural Repairs, Painting, Renovations, IS/IT, Security, Parking Control and Surveillance.

Rent Review Process
It can be a daunting experience, but the Residential Tenancy Act can be fully understood. The Rent Review Process can work for you! We can provide expert guidance and see that your case is carried to its conclusion.

Due Diligence
Buying? Selling? If so, the Due Diligence process can be crucial to successful dealings. Our extensive experience with every aspect of building maintenance, construction, services, leasing, tenancy, and financing will make the buying or selling process much easier. Take advantage of our Due Diligence services and do business with confidence.

Property Tax Assessment Appeals
Every year, the Taxman cometh! We anaylze every tax assessment, compare real market value, building, general property condition and vacancies in order to make the best possible case for property tax reduction. We work hard to get you the best break on property taxes. It's another way RMC helps build your equity!

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